March 23, 2009



Dear Exhibitor,

Thank you for participating in the DC Antique Photo Show. We'd like to follow up with some show information and ask you for feedback.

First off, we think our first show was a success, both in promotion and exhibitor retention. We hope to do better next year and have ideas on how to do so. We are encouraged enough by the response from this year to continue, so mark your calendars now for Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Part of that encouragement is that we improved attendance, which had been declining, particularly in the past two years. Admissions were up more than 40% overall and early admissions more than doubled from 2007 and 2008.

We believe that much of the attendance was due to our promotion efforts. Our press announcements were picked up by the Washington Post Weekend section and WAMU radio, a local NPR affiliate, as well as antique press outlets.

An important listing in the Cultural Tourism DC online Calendar of Events brought some new customers through the door. And we even attracted local Northern Virginia cable TV coverage, which ran post show. The clip was posted by the producers on YouTube. See yourselves here.

Our offer of complimentary appraisals was accepted by about a dozen customers. Thanks to all who took time from the show to answer their questions and to assess their photos.

Thanks also for your many encouraging and helpful comments. We regret that we didn't have time to visit with every one, because your input is very helpful to us. We'd very much appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to assess the show and to offer suggestions to improve future shows. Take the Survey.

Hoping to see you again next year!

Tom Rall, Show Manager
Diverse Markets Management
703-534-8220 | email >