June 2, 2014

32nd Annual Antique Photo & Postcard Shows: Sunday, March 15

ARLINGTON, VA -Dear Exhibitor and Antique Photo Show Enthusiasts

As we look ahead to the 32nd Annual Spring D.C. Antique Photo and Postcard Shows, Sunday March 15, 2015, at our regular venue, the Holiday Inn Rosslyn, Arlington, VA, we can also look back to a recent Antique Weekly report on our 2014 show. Several of us were mentioned in the account, which we’ve posted on our web site here.

While on the subject of exhibitors-in-the-press, we think you’d also be interested in a lengthy feature story on the work of exhibitor/military historian Art Beltrone in last week’s Washington Post, here.
The basic information for next year’s show is available at our show web site: AntiquePhotoShow.com  We expect to have both online registration links and downloadable applications up soon and, of course, will let you know soon thereafter.

In the meantime, we'll also be updating our Facebook page regularly, here: Antique Photo Show  We've been trying to promote some of the other shows that we know our exhibitors are doing there as well; please feel free to share similar information with our community.

Also, please email me for our promotional show postcards, both for customers at your other shows and online purchasers. We've already circulated 4,000 of a 10,000 postcard printing; but we'd love to print more by the end of the year!     

We're excited to report that we're expecting to attract more great dealers, with both national and international reputations, for 2015. Let's continue, together, to make this show one of the best of its kind in the world!

For more information contact Show Manager Tom Rall, 703-534-8220;
or Postcard Show Promoter Jeff Bradfield, 540-476-2666.